Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I will be going away for a while.
I haven't decided when or for how long.
It's not a vacation, a business trip, or a family retreat
Release report. Nah scratch that.
Well regardless of the title of my affairs,
I will be back soon. One day soon.
And no shit I am not sick
I am not dying
For I am already dead inside
Apart of me.
This is a trip of resuscitation.
Yes, many are trained in CPR
I understand that you may be able and even more willing.
However, I am too far gone for those techniques.
I need those electrical hands strapped over me.
I have been in cardiac arrest for sometime now.
Nothing a little passion, love ,and science can't heal.
Unless it's just my time. vacation time.
Aint this some bullshit.
The doctor tells me, the surgeon is on stand by.
Recommendations of possible open heart needed to heal holes left by silence and separation.
Attempts at my life while trying to heal my soul.
With no fucking insurance, I am trapped.
Clogged arteries, full of ease, daily routine, but no literary relief.
Doctor's fee charged to knowledge and growth I guess.
Hopefully the bill collectors get the memo.
That's always plan B.
But for now, I prefer internal retreat.
Cleansing meant for only me.
My ink will be resuscitated.
At dawn!
More morphine please.

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