Sunday, October 31, 2010


i lived like i never lived before, i loved like i never loved before, i consumed every breathe as if it were my last eternally. I connected with the most night on a level I cant even begin to explain. My appreciation for human existence now surpasses my ability to understand. And with that I am caught, held hostage by the purity of greatness. Silent without question of why, when or how, but simply uttering thank you.

Each second spent felt like priceless hours. Confirming that words should not mean, but should be, the existence of such energy put life to each letter I managed to stutter. The stars were aligned, forming the smiles I sometimes fail to show. Not once did I frown in your presence. Not once was my soul not gleaming from the inside out -in your presence. Not once did I stop rejoicing- in your presence, even silently. Not one second did I want to leave your presence. The world could have offered me surrealism, and that wouldn't have been enough to glamorize the reality of our connection.

The future flashed before my eyes. I was silently daydreaming of being held within tomorrows embrace as if it were built on today. It all seems so foreign yet feels so familiar. Tickling my heart with emotion, I sort of like it, yet it feels so weird and different. My body is trembling from the idea of this lasting forever. Orgasmic pleasure meeting compassion and truth. And yet its only been a day of reflection. Imagine a lifetime of soaking in heaven. I wonder how my skin will glisten. Until then … I manage to stutter..thank you

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  1. wow...this was so beautifully written!!! i really enjoyed reading it and the metaphors you used are beautiful! great job :)

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