Sunday, November 22, 2009

homecomming - happy earth day ESSO

everytime i go to visit home memories and stories flash by, as if i havent been there in years,yet its only been months. so many things have changed, but yet so much has stayed the same. today is my older brother's birthday...and we havent talked since july..a little after i wrote this piece..

Anxious for recapturing feelings so pure. And indescribable.
Turning in my sleep seeing images of their faces
Remembering my mothers embrace
And hearing new borns cry so gracious
Recollection of memories stamped too late for now, but never too soon to be found
I wonder how home will feel
Displaced are the family values
And family
Misplaced is my brother's connection
And love for attention
Finding ego on forefront
And now cell block
Twice fold of mistakes made broken and repeated
Causing strife and struggle between the family woven by bond
Middle birth child of only boys I see beauty In my ties to them
Yet slowly slipping is everything invested
And I wonder how home will feel
And I wonder how I will feel home
Will it be the same place that nurtured my pride
Stroked my knowledge and drive
Kept me motivated to create and disappear from nothing, to help provide
I wonder how things will feel
If lost is now because things have changed
Or if change is lost in the actions of yesterday
And the consequences of now
Leaving me with voids and arms open
Waiting for love from hugs missed
And phone calls to little sis
I wonder if the city misses him too....?
Or is it just me!?

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